How do I remove/replace the seat plate and/or gas lift?

To remove the seat plate from the gas lift: you will need to turn your chair over.  Next, get a hammer.  You will want to hit around the area that the gas lift (Cylinder) goes inside the seat plate (The black metal plate attached to the seat that has a handle and a knob).  After you hit the seat plate, give the gas lift a pull and see if it is coming loose.  These two items are locked together by pressure; the more you hit the seat plate the more pressure will be released. Eventually the two items will separate. To remove the gas lift from the five star base:  please turn the chair upside down. There are about one to two inches where the gas lift (Cylinder) goes through the 5 star base (The legs with wheels).   Next, grab a hammer.  Then, if you look in the center of the gas lift, there is a little clip. You DO NOT want to hit the clip in the middle as it will release the pressure needed in order to raise or lower your chair. You will want to hit the outer edge or the rim of the gas lift.   The more you hit the gas lift the more pressure will be released.  After you give the gas lifts a few hits, it should come right out, or give it a pull and see if its loose.  If it still won’t budge, give us a call or feel free to email us at SERVICE@TRUESEATING.COM

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