What is the warranty timeline?

The warranty for your specific chair or furniture item is based on the year your item was purchased. Please note that proof of purchase is required for validation of warranty. The current warranty for seating is: one year for cushions and parts. For specific inquiries, please contact our customer service department.

How do I attach the top of the chair to the gas lift?

The gas lift is inserted in the hole located behind the tension knob on the seat plate. The gas lift does not fit inside the tension knob.

Where do I find the allen wrenches on my EZ chair?

The allen wrenches should be stapled to the bottom of the seat cushion.

What is the weight limit on my chair?

All of our chairs have been tested to meet BIFMA standards. Our chairs have a weight limit of up to 250 lbs, unless stated otherwise. Please refer to your warranty sheet for the weight limit on your chair.

How do I remove/replace the seat plate and/or gas lift?

We have two YouTube videos available for gas lifts removal instructions.

To remove the seat plate from the gas lift: you will need to turn your chair over.  Next, get a hammer.  You will want to hit around the area that the gas lift (Cylinder) goes inside the seat plate (The black metal plate attached to the seat that has a handle and a knob).  After you hit the seat plate, give the gas lift a pull and see if it is coming loose.  These two items are locked together by pressure; the more you hit the seat plate the more pressure will be released. Eventually the two items will separate. To remove the gas lift from the five star base:  please turn the chair upside down. There are about one to two inches where the gas lift (Cylinder) goes through the 5 star base (The legs with wheels).   Next, grab a hammer.  Then, if you look in the center of the gas lift, there is a little clip. You DO NOT want to hit the clip in the middle as it will release the pressure needed in order to raise or lower your chair. You will want to hit the outer edge or the rim of the gas lift.   The more you hit the gas lift the more pressure will be released.  After you give the gas lifts a few hits, it should come right out, or give it a pull and see if it’s loose.  If it still won’t budge, give us a call or feel free to email us at SERVICE@TRUESEATING.COM.

I forgot to put the telescoping cover on my chair. How do I put this on my chair?

The telescoping cover is only a cosmetic piece to cover the gas lift. It will not affect the functioning of your chair. If you would like to remove the gas lift to put the telescoping cover on, please refer to the gas lift removal instructions.

How do I put the telescoping cover on the gas lift?

The telescoping cover is placed directly over the top of the gas lift. The smaller piece is put on first followed by each larger piece.

Can I purchase a chair from True Innovations directly?

True Innovations does not sell products directly to the public. We are a manufacturer and only sell items to retailers on a direct import basis.

Can I get the back cushion to come forward?

Our chairs are designed to tilt backwards, but the back cushion will not move forward. Once the chair is in the upright position, the back will not come any further forward.

What is this black rubber washer for on the EZ chair?

The rubber washer is part of the packing material. It helps protect the pin on the side of the back from scratching the arms.

My caster broke how do I remove the metal stem from the base?

You can use a pair of pliers to remove the metal pin.

How do I get the casters to stay in the base?

The metal stem needs to be fully inserted into the bottom of the five star base in order for the caster to stay in. There are two options. One: lay the base on the carpeted ground, with the bottom of the base facing upward. Insert each caster into the hole by applying pressure. They should pop in easily. Option two: hold the 5 star base in an upright position (One leg is on a carpeted floor). Insert each caster into the hole. Apply pressure with one hand, while using the other to hold the base in place.

Where are my parts? When am I going to receive them?

Please email or call customer service for your tracking information. Please have your confirmation number ready.

Am I supposed to keep the spacer on my chair?

Yes, please do not remove the spacer. Spacers keep the front of the chair from tilting downward. There should only be one spacer positioned on the bottom of the seat cushion. Not all chairs require a spacer for assembly, check your assembly instructions if you are unsure.

Should the clip at the bottom of the gas lift be removed?

No, the clip needs to remain on the gas lift. Removing this clip will inhibit the gas lifts functions and void the warranty of the gas lift 

Why do I need wrenches if I purchased an EZ chair?

The wrenches are provided to help with the disassembly of the chair and/or to tighten the screws underneath the seat cushion every 90 days.

How do I register my warranty?

You do not need to register your warranty. Your warranty time period is validated by the purchase date on your original purchase receipt. (Please note that the warranty cannot be validated without your original purchase receipt). 

What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather is a manufactured leather-fiber material with specific properties that make it look like leather. Bonded leather is manufactured using genuine leather scraps and shavings from factories and tanneries. Recycling these scrap byproducts represents an important contribution to the conservation of natural resources and as a result, bonded leather is referred to as an environmentally friendly material.

How do I get my chair to tilt?

If you are sitting in your chair and it is "Locked", please follow these steps. If your seat plate has one handle: Step one: sit in the chair, and grasp the handle with your right hand. Pull the handle away from the chair (It will come out about an inch), and recline. Step two: If the chair is unlocked, but is still not reclining, reach under the seat cushion, and turn the knob to the right to loosen the tension. This should allow your chair to lean back. If your seat plate has two handles: Step one: make sure the handle on the left is pulled out away from the chair (It will come out about an inch). Try to lean back.  If this does not solve the problem, please follow step two above.

How should the chair be cleaned?

While we do not recommend a particular cleaning product, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down your chair. Furniture stores should be able to recommend a product that is safe for the particular material on your chair. If you would like to use a cleaning product, we suggest that you test the product on the bottom side of the seat cushion first to make sure the product doesn't alter the material, before applying the product on the entire chair.  Please note that any type of discoloration or alteration made to the chair from a cleaner will automatically void the warranty.

Where do I find the P.O. or reference number?

For seating; the PO/reference number is located on a sticker underneath the seat cushion. This sticker may also have the model/item number attached as well. For furniture; The PO/reference number is typically located underneath the top panel of the piece of furniture.


Where are the assembly instructions?

For seating; the assembly instructions are located inside the bag, on the bottom of the seat cushion. For furniture; the assembly instructions are located on the top of the product inside the box.

How do I get replacement parts?

Go to our customer service page and search for your model number. If you cannot find it there, please email or call our customer service team.