6126235 Chair Back with Adjustable Lumbar Cushion And Clothes Hanger Hook
6422654 Chair with Disconnectable Back
6464300 Collapsible Chair
6786553 Chair with pivotable back
7419219 Adjustable Arm Assembly
8,052,218 Seat Plate Assembly
8,353,560 Chair Assembly Method
8,511,752 Chair Assembly Method
8,926,017 Chair with Integral Pivoting Lumbar and Seat Cushion
9,192,234 Progressively Curved Lumbar Support
9,033,411 Dynamically Flexible Back – AIR Chair
9,289,070 Dynamically Flexible Back – AIR Chair
9,357,849 Dynamic Lumbar Support
9,414,682 Layered Cushion
9,603,455 Layered Cushion
9,687,079 Back Support Assembly
10,004,337 Lumbar Stimulation Device
10,019,917 Sign Holder
10,021,982 No-tools Tilt Control Paddles
10,021,985 Adjustable Back Support Assembly
10,278,504 Cable Connector for a Chair
10,334,952 No-tools Tilt Control Paddles
D422,815 S Smoothly contoured chair with cushions
D422,816 S Smoothly contoured chair
D423,259 S Mesh back chair
D423,260 S Mesh back with cushion
D431,400 Chair
D451,721 S Chair Arm
D451,722 S Radiused Arm
D451,723 S Chair
D451,788 S Caster Support
D482,219 S Chair Arm
D482,220 S Chair Arm
D495,906 S Chair Arm
D505,815 S Chair Arm
D506,093 S Chair Arm
D507,438 S Chair Arm
D537,284 S Chair Arm
D538,079 S Chair Arm
D539,574 S Chair Arm
D539,576 S Chair Arm
D540,577 S Chair Arm
D542,575 S Chair Arm
D542,576 S Chair Arm
D543,393 S Chair Arm
D545,089 Chair frame
D545,090 S Chair Arm
D557,952 S Chair Arm
D561,503 S Chair Arm
D597-348 S Chair Arm
D602,287 S Chair Arm
D602,286 Chair Arm
D602,289 Chair Arm
D602,718 Chair Arm
D606,780 Chair Arm
D608,570 Chair Arm
D608,571 Chair Arm
D646,089 Chair Arm
D646,090 Chair Arm
D646,513 Chair Back
D769,633 Chair
D769,634 Chair
D769,635 Chair
D769,636 Chair
D769,637 Chair
D770,820 Chair
D811,793 Chair
D902,615 Back and Seat for a chair
D911,053 Back and Seat for a chair
D935,251 Back and Seat for a chair
D935,252 Back and Seat for a chair
D936,980 Back and Seat for a chair
D936,986 Back and Seat for a chair
D938,769 Back and Seat for a chair
D938,767 Back and Seat for a chair
D938,768 Back and Seat for a chair
D941,047 Back and Seat for a chair
D943,325 Back and Seat for a chair
D944,578 Back and Seat for a chair
D945,807 Back and Seat for a chair
China Patent No. Name of Patent
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202021264226.X Vibration Box
’202030717483.3 Chair
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202130322327.1 Chair
202130592101.3 Chair

New items/inventions might be patent pending/provisional at the time of our most recent update and will be added to this list once the patent office approves our application.